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Plumbing Drains & Sewer Cleaning

Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd.

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Since 1983

There a few things worse than having a sewer back up in your home.  All that gross black water in your home!! Not to mention the health hazards.

Son-Rise Plumbing is the company to count on for your home drain cleaning. 

Son-Rise Plumbing has the capabilities to video inspect your drains to see what is causing blockages. And the equipment to have those clogged drains running free.  

Three signs that you could have clogged drains

1. Gurgling or burping toilets

2. Sinks/tubs that drain slowly or have standing water

3. Yucky smell coming up from drains. Especially near the floor drain.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Emergency Service Available after hours.

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2280 39 Avenue Northeast
Calgary AB Canada, T2E 6P7
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JD MacDonald
+1 403-873-2597
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