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Since 2009

A Critical Reason 80% of New Businesses...

Close Their Doors... Permanently within the First 5 Years ... Poor Sales & Marketing... 

I want to introduce you to a sales marketing acceleration system… 

For converting more leads into more customers and more sales. 

I’m Rick McCulloch, founder & fractional CMO I’d always had an interest in developing systems…  for helping businesses to simplify processes.
But before I could... I needed to tune into everyone's favorite radio station… w i i F M - "what's in it For Me?"


Because my passion is helping other entrepreneurs succeed... I've developed a system I want to share with you.

If you’re tired of "random acts of marketing”...

Discover the Only Sales & Marketing System Designed to...

Increase your sales, cash flow... profit margins… and working capital by 20 to 100% 

  • in less than 90 days
  • without borrowing and
  • without increasing your advertising budget

that’s easy to implement and guaranteed to work.

Request your copy of the Guide to increase sales at  


describing a 5-step system… converting More Leads to Customers… and more Sales…  where you'll learn: 

    1. How to uncover your assets 
    2. How to create a message that sells
    3. How to embed your message into your business
    4. How to maximize your most important asset
    5. The key to massive growth

    What others have said... 

    our sales, and activities increased by 20%. 
     ~ Amador Guillergan, President, ELITE CUISINE 

    Made us look real hard at the way we do things and were able to identify the problem we had and fix it within minutes.”
     ~Jim Linnell, President, EcoPower Industries Inc.   

    David was the project manager and the glue that kept the project together. 
     ~Bill Barna, Microsoft Practice Director – Energy   

    firm grasp of what's required from a service provider 
     ~Maire Kushner, Principal at 

    To get started go to


    If you're ready for a deeper dive...

    Book a chat with me at
    Once we have a clear picture of your needs...and what you want, we can provide you with all aspects of your marketing... including:

    website design •landing pages • videography graphic design • advertising copy • social media authoring books • creating webinars • selling from the stage • public relations • direct mail • email campaigns • sales funnels • sales training                           


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    Hours of Operation

    24/7 email

    8 AM to 5 PM Call 866-944-3626

    Book a chat with me at BookAChat.Wii.FM

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    605 57 Avenue Southwest
    Calgary AB Canada, T2V 0H5
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    Rick McCulloch
    +1 866-944-3626
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