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Find the Best Wholesale Jeweler in Beverly Hills Buy or Rent Bling near me


Are you looking for the best Wholesale Jewelers in Beverly Hills, CA? Want to own expensive jewelry and accessories like the rich and famous, but you don't have their resources? If you only want these expensive pieces for that special occasion, is there a jeweler in Beverly Hills who will allow you to borrow expensive diamonds and extravagant handbags  For your consideration, we introduce you to SmartGuy® Best Wholesale Jewelers in Beverly Hills, California, is:

Borrowed Bling
Carol Wexler
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90210
(818) 705-9399

When looking in Beverly Hills, we know there are many local wholesale jewelers to choose from. Our selection of the best Wholesale Jeweler understands the challenge of having to buy costly jewelry or an expensive evening bag for special occasions. You intend to pay out lots of money for a piece of jewelry so you can wear it several times a year. Instead, once everybody has seen it, most of us never again wear these expensive pieces. We end up instead, wanting to buy something new for the next big event. This creative wholesale jeweler comes to the rescue by giving this problem a unique and imaginative solution.

It's Your Choice: Buy or Rent

Beverly Hill's Best Wholesale Jeweler stocks the finest in accessories for the evening, including ties, shoes, crystal night bags, and accessories. Yet you have two choices on their site for how to get these beautiful items into your possession.

Sign up as a BUYER - You could sign up as a buyer only, and then you're free to simply press and buy anything you like for the listed purchase price. There are no monthly membership fees associated with signing up as a Buyer.

Sign up as a BORROWER - As a borrower, you never have to pay the purchase price for any item. Your small monthly membership fees allow you to review 2 or 3 things at a time (depending on the level of your membership) for only the small monthly fee. Now you can have a brand new piece to wear at each special event without making any permanent or expensive investments, and you'll never have to worry about getting tired of having to wear the same old thing again.

The answer to this problem is every female's shopping fantasy!

Just think of this. How many genuine diamond multi-carat rings or necklaces can you own? Most of us are fortunate if we can afford one or two of these pieces in a lifetime, and then everybody we know has seen these same pieces on us, time and again. Now is your chance to add variety to your pre-existing jewelry collection, and we promise you that everything you wear is real for everyone.

More about Carol Wexler and Borrowed Bling

Carol Wexler is the founder and owner of Borrowed Bling. With over 20 years of experience in sales and business development, she has created a wonderland of shopping for women in Borrowed Bling. Being a member of Borrowed Bling is like getting an exclusive department store 24 hours a day at your disposal, where everything is not only allowed, but also encouraged to be worn and returned.

Today's celebrities, TV studios, and hottest television shows are looking for Borrowed Bling's magnificent pieces because of the amazing look, quality, and price. Even their gems will stand up against the finest diamonds and genuine stones. Many of the jewelry pieces worn are often used on TV shows, because they are a more affordable way to get the exact look of real diamonds, even under the brightest lights and closest camera shots.

Several characters on the The Young and the Restless soap opera are wearing Borrowed Bling jewelry. Many celebrities opt to buy their jewels and accessories. Borrowed Bling promises you that if the pieces are good enough for their sophisticated tastes, they will impress you too! For more information, contact Carol Wexler today. Make your fantasy of having expensive and exclusive jewelry and accessories come true.

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