Clinique de Dépistage ITSS /La clinique santé 24/7

2046 Mont-Royal Ave

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Since 2005

Expertise 24/7 is proud to offer an expertise as a complement to the conventional healthcare system. Our health clinic specializes in sampling and analysis services, STBBI screening tests and blood tests, Pap tests, urinary and vaginal infections as well as vaccination for children, students and adults. We also offer services of paramedical professionals, such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, medico-aesthetic services and clinical sleep.

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Hours of Operation

Monday : 7h00 - 20h00

Tuesday : 7h00 - 20h00

Wednesday : 7h00 - 20h00

Thursday : 7h00 - 20h00

Friday : 7h00 - 20h00

Saturday : 8h00 - 16h00

Sunday : 8h00 - 16h00

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