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How To Save A Ton On Your Divorce. Best Attorneys & Lawyers - Divorce in Dallas TX

DON'T hire a divorce attorney!

Why? The average divorce today cost's $30,000 (Statistic from Bankrate).

We can help you to not waste that kind of money.

Our staff would love to help you.

11 Frequently Asked Questions...


Q:  Don’t I need to hire an attorney?


A: You may or may not need to do that. An attorney will want a down payment (retainer) of  $3,000-$5,000 to start. Typically, you will not know how much of it they are spending until it is gone.  $250 – $400 an hour makes every email you send cost $25 to $100.  


But even if you feel you need to hire an attorney, we can REALLY help save you a tremendous amount of money and time – – either way! Here’s how: 1) We can help you and your ex reach an agreement that you can both sign and you submit to the court, or 2) We can help prepare you before you even hire an attorney if you really feel you must.  If you go in prepared, you can save thousands in hourly attorney charges! Look through the package options to see what might be right for you.


Q:  Are you a licensed attorney in my state?


A:  We have a network of attorneys licensed in every state.  But that is beside the point. We are trying to save you money on attorney fees whether or not you choose to use an attorney.  Look through the package options to see what might be right for you.


Q:  Can’t a local attorney do this for me?


A:  If you want to risk paying a great deal more money, they may or may not be able to.  Do attorneys make more or less money if things get prolonged into a big fight? Do attorneys have a financial incentive to quickly get to a peaceful outcome?  No.


Most attorneys do not focus on mediation and divorce settlement.  They make vastly more money if your case goes to trial or gets dragged out for a long time!


Q:  How can you save me so much money compared with an attorney?  You’re an attorney.


A:  Because of the efficiency of the Internet, we don’t have to pay for large offices and expensive real estate.  And this is our specialty. We can reach more clients, which helps us lower our cost per client. And, for example, instead of renting expensive space with a huge conference room, our mediation is done over the phone…either jointly or individually.  Most clients prefer this more private, less pressured approach.


Q:  Are you trying to become my attorney?


A:  No, even though we are attorneys, we are not having you sign a client agreement for legal representation.  We have been appointed by courts as attorney mediators for divorce cases. Depending on the package that is right for you, we have a Divorce Agreement that your court will accept, but if you have to spend a lot of money and go to trial (we’re trying to help you avoid that), we are not going to be a divorce trial attorney.  We will help you get prepared, however.


Q:  How is mediation done?  Jointly, separately?


A:  Instead of renting expensive space with a huge conference room, our mediation is done over the phone…either jointly or individually, or a combination of the above.  Most clients prefer this more private, less pressured and less costly approach.


Q:  I feel overwhelmed!  I have never done this before, and I don’t feel prepared or know even where to start!


A:  We know what you mean, and through years of experience – including divorce ourselves – we have prepared everything to help you think through questions, assets, options, child custody, and a range of things.  You using our low-cost checklists and documents will help you be prepared. And being prepared saves you money, drama and time!


Q: We have children involved in this divorce.  Can you still help?


 A:  Absolutely!  We love children and know how important it is for their parents to work through to a peaceful divorce if at all possible.  We make it much more likely!


We have a Child Custody package that can greatly help you even if you are not battling for custody.  If you take a quality plan and offer before the judge – – like we help you create – -, you are much more likely to find favor with that judge.  Our Parenting Plan modules are built around cooperation and peace wherever possible. There are even some documents that help you explain things to our children.  And if there is a custody battle looming, some of the documents help you think things through in that area.


Q:  We already agree on everything.  Can’t we just do this ourselves?


A:  Maybe you only need one of our smaller packages, but you MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN something important!  Don’t have regrets after it is too late. Our packages help you think through things you may not have considered!  Don’t take a chance. See which package might fit you best. Don’t take a chance on having substantial regret.


Q:  I love what you offer!  What if I want to buy more than one of your packages?  Do you offer a discount if I buy more than one package?


A:  Absolutely, we will give you a 35% discount off of the lowest priced package.


Q:  Do you offer a referral fee if I send my friends to you?


A:  Yes, we will give you a 5% bonus based on which package(s) they purchase.


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