Frequently Asked Questions


What is Smart Guy?

Smart Guy is quickly becoming one of the largest exclusive business networks in the world, now with over 200,000 businesses and in over 5,500 cities.  Consumers can visit the site and find local rated professionals in their area offering discounts of up to 50% off on home-related and other services.  Business can sign up for free, create a free business page, and generate many new clients by harnassing Smart Guy's massive network of consumers and other referring businesses.

Why Smart Guy works?

That's simple. Consumers love to save money, and businesses love to stay busy! Many professionals offer incredible limited time specials to generate new local smart Guy customers or during their “slow” times to stay busy. This allows the consumer to take advantage of great deals, and the business professional to keep busy year round.

How does Smart Guy compare to other Networks?

Unlike traditional directories and networks, Smart Guy limits its membership to only one professional per category per city. Each business agrees to provide quality service, offer a discount/special and refer each other whenver possible or are in jeopardy of losing their highly coveted spot.

Why do Businesses Love Smart Guy?

Businesses enjoy the free search engine friendly editable business page they can create, highlighting their location, contact information, business description, as well as deals they offer to others. But most of all, they love the rise in consumer calls they can receive by harnessing a network of thousands of business referrals and consumers in need of their services.

Why do Consumers Love Smart Guy?

Consumers can save up to 50% off local services they use every day, whether electrical, plumbing, painting roofing or over 1,500 other services.

Is their a cost for a business or consumer to use Smart Guy?

Although businesses can join for free, only Premium members ($69 anually) get a secure spot in the network, are included in the mobile site and guaranteed to be listed on the consumer direct marketing flyer - the SmartGuy Saver.

How can Smart Guy help consumers?

We know the frustration in finding top quality professionals. Most people know that a referral is generally a lot better than simply picking a random name out of the phone book. But it is simply too difficult to contact your neighbors every time. So, we have helped do the work for you. Once a business has supplied us their information, it becomes available online. Smart Guy also provides you with tons of helpful articles and tips on home improvement, repair, remodeling, automobiles, real estate and more.

How do I use Smart Guy?

If you are a consumer, simply enter the city in which you seek, and then select from the drop down. If you are a business professional, you can “Sign up” selecting “Business”  and you will be able to instantly create a searchable profile and connect with thousands of local consumers and referring businesses.

How Accurate is the Service Professional's Information?

SmartGuy.com cannot guarantee that information listed on each service provider profile pages and on their web sites is 100% accurate. It is the responsibility of each service provider member to supply accurate information, and to keep his or her profile up to date. And it's the consumer's responsibility to validate that information by screening it.

We care about our consumer members, and do not want them hindered by a false sense of security. Information provided by service providers at the time of membership can change at any time and become obsolete. This is why we do not prescreen our service provider members.

Consumers are encouraged to take the initiative. Before hiring any service provider, check out important information: current licensing, insurance, membership status in professional organizations, discounts, etc. and make sure that the information provided is still valid.

Will Smart Guy cancel a member’s status immediately upon receiving a complaint?

Feedback is critical to maintain the quality-control standards here at SmartGuy.com. But, as with any grievance process, we know that there are always two sides to every story. Therefore, we evaluate each complaint from both sides; that of the service provider as well as the consumer.

We are also aware and not naive to the fact that since each service category only allows for 1 professional, competitors might try to Report a Problem in an attempt to remove a competitor and apply for the service position. Many times though, an unpleasant experience is simply the result of a misunderstanding that can, in time, be worked out. We do, however, reserve the right to remove offending service professionals from our network when we notice a negative trend.

What are the benefits for consumers using Smart Guy?

Smart Guy eliminates the worry and anxiety normally associated with finding, selecting and hiring a quality service provider, may times allowing them to save up to 50% off the normal charge.

Professionals have submitted to us a full profile for you to review, including: their years in business, office hours, company overview, payment options, languages spoken, trade/business associations, as well as any special discounts available. Once you have made your choice, you can contact them directly. There is no middleman!

We also provide you with free access to our helpful articles. In them, you will find tips on selecting the right contractor, strategies and tips on fixing up your home, questions to ask your health care provider, and more.

How much does the service cost?

SmartGuy.com is completely FREE for homeowners and consumers looking to search our directory for local service providers, or browse our many articles.

Service and Business Professionals can select to get a FREE basic “Business” account and get a searchable profile and connect with thousands of local consumers and referring businesses.  Businesses can also elect to upgrade to a $69 Premium annual membership, to exclusively secure their spot as the only professional in their category within their city, as well as be included in the SmartGuy Saver.

What is the SmartGuy Saver?

The SmartGuy Saver is a co-op advertising platform that displays members and their contact information within a city.

How do companies get on our database of Smart Guy approved service professionals?

A service provider gets on the Smart Guy list only after providing us with detailed information on their service.

What criteria are needed for a Smart Guy Approval? What is your screening process?

To keep our services free to homeowners and consumers, our screening process is minimal. Service Providers and other professionals are asked to provide accurate information, including: their years in business, office hours, company overview, payment options, languages spoken, trade/business associations, license information, etc. We also ask that they provide all consumers of SmartGuy.com a special discount. They are expected to keep information on their profile page updated.

It has been our experience that pre-screening this type information gives homeowners a false sense of security. It would make them not question information found on provider profile pages and websites, even though that information might have changed since the time of initial membership.

By advising homeowners to verify member service professional's licensing, insurance, and references themselves, we enable them to make better hiring decisions. This helps homeowners have the peace of mind that the member service provider information is 100% accurate.

Is there a membership fee?

Smart Guy is a FREE service to consumers. All we ask is that if you enjoy the service that you recommend Smart Guy to your friends, neighbors and local service professionals, and be sure to provide us with feedback on professionals you have used, or think should be on our list.

Smart Guy allows businesses to select either a FREE basic account or a $69 annual Membership Account. Since we only allow 1 professional per category within each city, acceptance is subject to availability and professionals must continue to maintain good service or risk being delisted from our service. In many cases, there are numerous professionals waiting in line to become an approved Smart Guy professional.

Why would I use Smart Guy when I can just ask my neighbors for recommendations?

You can certainly ask your neighbors for their opinions, it is certainly better than blindly picking a name out of the phone book; however, Smart Guy is also free, offers discounts of up to 50% off, as well as detailed information on their business.

How do I get in touch with someone at Smart Guy?

You can reach a Smart Guy representative by emailing us at info@SmartGuy.com

What is the Privacy Policy?

At Smart Guy, we respect your privacy and take the responsibility of protecting the personal information that you share with us very seriously. For this reason, we are disclosing our privacy practices and the uses of the information that we gather.

We will only ask you for personal information if we need it to provide the service you request.
We will not release any personal identifying information about you without your consent.
We will always give you the option to edit the information that you've provided to us or to have your personal information removed from our records.

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or believe that Smart Guy has acted in a manner inconsistent with this statement, contact us at info@SmartGuy.com.  Smart Guy reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time without notice, and only the current Privacy Statement may be deemed effective.

Why would a consumer go to SmartGuy and search for a professional?

The fact is consumers do NOT want to flip through hundreds of pages and professionals in some phone book just to randomly pick a name out of the phone book. Consumers only want a list of a few professionals that are local, trusted, and recommended by their neighbors.

This is why Smart Guy provides a detailed profile of each member complete with contact information, years in business, legal structure, number of employees, hours of operation, a mapped location, as well as a rating system with comments from neighbors they trust.

It seems like it is a lot of work of building a network. Why should I do this when I get all my clients through traditional marketing activities?

Actually Smart Guy builds your network automatically by introducing you to not only everyone you know, but everyone they know, everyone they know, and everyone they know.

Traditional marketing requires a constant "feeding of money" that is never satisfied. The moment you stop, so do the prospects. Good alliance partners provide referrals year after year, and come in any market. It is clear to most that a referral is much easier to close than a cold lead.

Why is referral marketing so much better than cold calling and advertising?

The highest and best use of your time is to meet clients and close deals, not to sit on the phone dialing for dollars. It is aggravating, irritating, and requires you to do it for the rest of your life or your leads will stop. Advertising also requires a non-stop effort (in this case in the form of spending money). If you stop, so do the prospects. In either case, the quality of a lead from a referral is much higher than that of a “cold prospect”.

Business networking and referral marketing takes a lot of time. What is Smart Guy doing so I can network more effectively without spending so much time and money?

Smart Guy automates the process in multiple ways. (1) rather than carrying a bunch of business cards around and looking like a human business peddler, Smart Guy offers an online directory that provides detailed information on each member throughout the US, (2) Smart Guy does not limit you to meeting the same 30-40 people, but instead introduces you to not only everyone you know, but everyone they know, everyone they know, and everyone they know. (3)You do not need to attend expensive weekly meetings since every time a new member joins within your zip code, you will be emailed their information for introduction and alliance building, (4) Referrals can be sent and received online providing for an efficient was to send the message, ensure it gets to the professional, a timely response, and accountability when it comes to the result, 

How do I make money on Smart Guy?

The Purpose of Smart Guy is to build alliances with others who also wish to provide top quality service, and grow their business through referrals. The more of these professionals and businesses you meet and build alliances with, the more referrals you will get, and money you will make.

What are the benefits of the City Networks?

One professional within each city or area might be fortunate enough to be the Business Network Leader for their community. They will share in the income of local businesses that attend SmartGuy approved live events, as well as sponsorship revenue that follows. For more information, click HERE

Since there can only be 1 Smart Guy leader per city, it is first come first serve. Feel Free to contact the office for details.

Can I partner with someone to run the city network?

Yes, but only one person can sign up and they remain responsible to manage the network properly.

Can I manage more than one city network?

The purpose of managing a city business network is to help small businesses in your area succeed in today's difficult economy. We tend to discourage having people manage more than 1 network at a time (unless they have others who will assist them in growing the networks).

Remember, in addition to telling others about it, you will be responsible to answer questions from potential members, local businesses and arrange opportunities every couple months for people to interact with each other.

What does my city network membership include?

You will share in the sponsorship revenue, you get listed in the business directory, you are connected to the Smart Guy referral management system and more.

Does Smart Guyhave a Facebook Page?

You can access our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/smartguysupport

Please be sure to visit it and "like us"