Become a City Leader

Quickly Become the Largest Business Network in your City!

Do you already run a local city business network or want to start one from scratch? Do you want to quickly increase your member sign ups? Add more value for your members? Increase the power of what you have to offer? Drive consumers to your businesses? and most of all, increase your income? Then Smart Guy® might be just what you need!

The Opportunity

Smart Guy® is one of the fastest growing exclusive business networks in the world, with over 200,000 business members in about 5,500 cities. We are aligning with one individual or local business networking group within each city across the world and assist them in quickly becoming the largest and most successful networking group in their city. We do this by providing them exclusive access to our proprietary technology and connecting them to thousands of other businesses and networks globally in a massive alliance for mutual benefit.

Benefits for your Members

Your new or existing members can add their information into Smart Guy® for free in just a couple minutes. Your members will get a free editable search engine friendly webpage (See sample), will be listed on the Smart Guy city network page, making it easy for consumers and other businesses to find them (See sample), and will be included in your local SmartGuy Saver® which is marketed direct to local consumers (See sample). If you don't have any members yet, chances are your Smart Guy city business network has tons of businesses waiting to get in!

Benefits for your network

Your business network will become the exclusive city network of, sharing the tools, marketing and leveraging power of almost 200,000 businesses. As hundreds of businesses fill out their information to join Smart Guy every day, YOU get to decide whether to add your local businesses into your city network or not! Your network will not only benefit from the B-to-B (businesses to business) relationships aided by our internal communication systems, but also B-to-C (business to consumer) relationships as we market your network and its members to local consumers in your area via our SmartGuy Saver®.  The larger Smart Guy® grows, the faster your business network grows.

Benefits for you

You can keep your current business network webpage if you have one and ways of doing things and think of Smart Guy as a powerful “add-on”, or simply use ours if your just beginning!  Either way, you are no longer standing alone, but are part of a massive alliance of businesses and other network leaders helping each other grow!

(1) IT’S EASY! Everything is already set up, including detailed information on many local businesses who have already added their company into Smart Guy for your city and might very well want to join your city network!

(2) YOU'RE IN CONTROL! You run the network and decide who to admit and who not to. There are a number of tools in place to easily edit member information, add or delete members, email your members and non-member companies (potential members who signed up through Smart Guy) in your city network, and more.

(3) EARN EXTRA MONEY! As mentioned, businesses in your network can join Smart Guy as an "add-on" for free and get the free webpage, included in your SmartGuy city page and even be included in the SmartGuy saver which is distributed to the public; however, they can be replaced by another local business within their category if they don’t upgrade to Premium membership - only $69 annually (network leaders earn a one time referral fee of $50 of the annual Premium membership fee). With about 1,500 categories, that can generate network leaders a nice revenue!

How to Secure your Exclusive SmartGuy City Network

SmartGuy City Business Networks are FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVE. Simply click the link below. There are no franchise fees, big start-up costs, hardware or software to install, long term commitment or big learning can be up and running instantly! Most of our city networks are already filled with businesses interested in joining your city network.

Virtually every aspect is automated, such as sign ups, member upgrades, editing profiles, advertising, commission tracking and distribution, etc. Since each City network is exclusive, there is no need for tracking codes. Businesses that sign up and upgrade or advertise in your city earn you money...automatically! We also have a Quick Start Guide and Marketing Materials to get you up and running right away!

The businesses you add must agree to provide top quality service, refer each other whenever possible and offer discounts/specials to local neighbors. This is important as it is a major reason consumers love to receive the Smart Guy Saver!

What are the next steps?

You can either click HERE 24/7 to sign up and secure your Smart Guy City Business Network OR for more information or to see if this is the right opportunity for you, email