The Best Way to Grow Your Business

The Best Way to Grow Your Business

Looking for the best way to grow your business? Well, if you think it is advertising you are probably mistaken.

Now, if you were selling ice in the desert, than consumer direct advertising might be the best choice. After all, you have a very valuable and limited commodity that everyone needs and there is probably very little competition. But for most of us running a business, we have to deal with competition which dilutes the power of our message.

For this reason the best way to grow your business is by aligning with other professionals in your area and creating mutually beneficial alliances.This can generate a constant flow of referrals without spending a lot of your hard earned money. So why doesn't everyone do that?The fact is many are afraid to - no kidding. They feel it makes them sound weaker or in need.

I can tell you that the some of the most successful companies I know do NOT advertise. They don't need to! Instead they have an established flow of leads coming to them from referrals and past customers developed over many years.

Now for many of you reading this,you probably don't have that many years in business or have not taking the time over the years to cultivate all of those relationships. But no worries, there is a almost "instant fix" to your lead generation and business referral problems. has just announced that it is not only the largest exclusaive business network in the world with over 114,000 companies having signed up, but it has AUTOMATED the referral process. Now that is HUGE since the biggest problem with most business networks is that most members will not go out of their way to refer anyone else unless they are specifically asked for a referral. allows only 1 professional per category within each city and provides them a editable business profile page, as well as utilizes a propretary technology to automatically refer each member every time any member generates a client.

You see, each member gets included in Smart Guy'slocal advertising co-op named Smart Guy Saver". Here you will find one professional per category per city that agrees to provide quality service, offer a discount and refer each other.

Consumers can call the toll-free number and extension related to the local business to hear a description of the business and any specials they are offering, directly connect to them at the touch of a button or lerave them a message. However, upon hanging up, the caller's interest and phone number is AUTOMATICALLY sent via text and/or email directly to the business owner for follow up (by the way, the phone number is ALWAYS captured and by passes caller ID).

Then, the consumer is automatically text-messaged a thank you for using Smart Guy with a link to ALL the local Smart Guy Saver businesses in their city. After all, which consumer wouldn't want a list of quality businesses in their area willing to offer a discount?

Many consumers print it out and place it on their refrigerator or in a kitchen drawer for whenever they need a local professional.

The future of business networking is now LIVE. The advantage to be INSTANTLY lock up your spot (if it's available) and be connected to up to 150 other businesses in your area that AUTOMATICALLY refer each other is huge. As for the cost to be the only professional in your city? Only $49 per month (no long term contract either).

So sure you can throw your hard-earned money into one time advertising efforts, but why not do what the Smart Guy's do and connect with other local professionals with "team-player" mentalities and develop a constant flow of leads for the life of your business...