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The PèTROZORB range of chemical and oil spill absorbent products and equipment is a natural and organic absorbent fibre range designed to be used for everyday accidental oil and chemical spills on both water and land surfaces. Our oil spill product range with oil eating microbes is extensively used for the rehabilitation and bioremediation of contaminated soil. Fine Forest Organics have been manufacturing the PèTROZORB range since 2007, and we have a B-BBEE contribution Level 4 status. Spanning over 1500sqm, the PèTROZORB factory has a mechanically operated production line, ensuring the optimal levels of stock availability. PèTROZORB has grown into a reputable and trusted brand amongst our ever increasing network of national and international distributors and their customers, and we regularly contract manufacture personalised absorbent brands for both the local and export market.

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Way Street
Benoni GP South Africa, 1501
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Johan Geldenhuys
+27 118-494-767
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