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Eric has been working professionally in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization since 2008. Eric has helped many businesses increase their sales through an increase in traffic to their websites. I enjoy what I do, and this industry. I especially enjoy challenges businesses face in trying to brand themselves on the Internet. Digital Marketing for me is a challenge, and I like challenges. Internet Marketing, is rapidly changing and today’s techniques can be outdated tomorrow. \n\nI enjoy testing on personal sites, studying, and using best practice techniques that improve a websites search engine results to gain more visibility. I have successfully made many companies including my own test affiliate sites top rankings in competitive markets. It’s nice to be king for a day; but you can be easily dethroned tomorrow, if you do not continue working. These challenges are what keep me driving to be the best at Digital Marketing. I may not know everything, because in SEO, no one knows everything except the search engines. But, I am confident in my abilities and experiences that will help large and small companies gain more traffic, and most importantly more sales.

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13754 Mango Drive 302
San Diego CA USA, 92014
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