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Vancouver (not B.C.), Washington (not D.C.) is located in Southwest Washington State along the Columbia River and just North of Portland, Oregon. The scenic Columbia River Gorge with all of its waterfalls and hiking trails, is less than 30 minutes away. The Pacific Ocean with all of its great beaches and lighthouses is 90 miles to the West. Mt. Saint Helens, the volcano that blew up on May 18, 1980, sits just to the Northeast of Vancouver and is a very prominent sight from Vancouver, along with Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood across the river. Vancouver has recently remade the old industrial waterfront area just west of the Interstate 5 bridge and it now includes a long waterfront walkway, water features, park areas, restaurants, water view luxury apartments, viewpoints perched over the river, and many other activities. The historic Fort Vancouver near downtown, has been re-erected for visitors to explore. The original fort on this site was built in 1829, which was moved from its original location dedicated in 1825. Just North of the Fort Vancouver site is Officers Row with its historic mansions that housed many famous military leaders. For more information about our FREE City Business Refe