SmartGuy Surpasses 140,000 Small Businesses

In an effort to help small business owners survive the economic result of the pandemic, SmartGuy has been quickly aligning up to 1,500 businesses in thousands of cities in massive online referral networks.

“We recently surpassed 140,000 businesses, with thousands of new businesses  joining each month,” states SmartGuy Founder/CEO Jordan Wexler.

Wexler attributes SmartGuy’s rapid growth based on their “freemium” model, whereby  businesses can join for free and receive a tremendous number of free benefits, including a listing in the local city Business Network, Consumer Directory and even an editable webpage (including hosting) than can rank quickly on search engines.

While members can remain for free, they can be replaced at any time by a competitor if they don’t upgrade to Premium membership.

As SmartGuy continues to rapidly grow within each city, so does the value of being the exclusive business in a referral network of up to 1.500 businesses and the value of upgrading to Premium to secure their spot and block out competitors.

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Beverly Hills, CA, USA