SmartGuy Rapidly Continues USA City expansion

Having completing it's last upgrade, Smartguy® now manages in excess of 10,000 City Business Networks in the USA and continues to grow at a quick pace. Each city network consists of up to 1,500 local business professionals, one per category, that agree to refer each other whenever possible.

"With the pandemic, small business owners are in desperate need of a way to generate new clients, and referrals are the best way to get them," states Smartguy® CEO Jordan Wexler.

Upon signing up, Smartguy® instantly begins 5 steps to assist their members ...

(1) Instant editable SmartGuy webpage
(2) Rank high on major search engines, like Google®
(3) Introduced to other local referring businesses,
(4) Added to local SmartGuy Consumer Directory and Business Network, and
(5) Instant links the business members page to related high ranking pages (Premium members only). 

Business can join for free, but be replaced at any time by competitors. After joining, consider should consider upgrading to PREMIUM membership to secure your spot and become exclusive in their category (only $69 per/mo.). Click HERE to Join NOW

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Beverly Hills, CA, USA