SmartGuy Now Manages 18,000 City Business Networks

As more and more small business owners continue to join, SmartGuy continues to build local SmartGuy City business networks now in over 18,000 cities worldwide.

“Local referrals are the highest quality lead a small business owner like me can receive”, states e-clean technology owner Pete Gallanis. “The problem is getting them...SmartGuy does it automatically!”

With little walk by traffic and the price of advertising rapidly increasing, business owners are quickly joining SmartGuy to exclusively connect with up to 1,500 local referring businesses.

Businesses can join for free and get listed in the local SmartGuy City Business Network, Consumer Directory and receive an editable webpage (including hosting) which can rank very fast on search engines, due to its massive linking within SmartGuy.

While they can remain a free member, small business owners are in jeopardy of being replaced at any time by a local business in the same city/category unless they upgrade to Premium membership - which secures their spot and blocks out competition.

“I have seen too many local businesses close, waiting for things to get better. The ONLY way small business owners are going to survive this pandemic is to stick together and work with each other in referral networks”.

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Beverly Hills, CA, USA