SmartGuy Gives Away Money LIVE Online Weekly

SmartGuy founder and CEO Jordan Wexler has now started to give away money live to random people who attend his weekly zoom call.

In his continuing effort to help small business owners worldwide, Wexler has started a weekly live zoom call on Wednesdays at 6 pm PST ( where he encourages small business owners worldwide to add their business and be connected with up to 1,500 other referring businesses, one per category, in massive online referral networks.

“Small businesses are hurting, walk by traffic is diminishing and what are their prospects for their future...especially with this pandemic continuing to resurface”, states Wexler. “People need an automated and an easy way to align and refer each other...SmartGuy is here to help!”

Smartguy now manages in excess of 20,000 online City Business Networks worldwide and continues to grow at a quick pace. Each city network consists of up to 1,500 local business professionals, one per category, that agree to refer each other whenever possible.

When asked how much Wexler will give away, he responded, "Who Knows...the more we make, the more I will personally give away on my live calls! My goal is to help millions of small business owners. I can't help every small business, but I can help up to 1500 per city! 

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