SmartGuy Creating Thousands of Local City Business

Hundreds of business owners are rushing to join SmartGuy each day to become the only listed professional in their city and category weaving together thousands of local city business networks. Each city network is limited to 1,500 exclusive, referring businesses. While the concept of simple business networks is not unique, the way Smartguy is doing it, is - and is being rapidly adopted in thousands of cities across the country and major cities worldwide. 

Rather than charging an initial fee to join or requiring mandatory weekly meetings, SmartGuy encourages its members to join for free and commit to providing quality service and to leverage the network generating  mutual referrals of others whenever possible. SmartGuy’s rapid growth is based on what they provide small business professionals for free and how they connect their members together. 

A small business owner can join in just 1-2 minutes 24/7, add their business in an exclusive listing in their local city directory, local city business referral network and can leverage supplied editable web page that can truly rank on the first page of major search engines, like Google®, in as little as two weeks… all for free.

"I couldn't believe it" states restaurant owner Pete Gallanis. “I signed up online and added my three restaurants, and within a couple weeks my edible SmartGuy webpages appeared on the first page of Google -- I didn't pay a thing. I am telling everyone about SmartGuy!"

But the real value is not just in the directory listing or high-ranking free webpage, it is the value of being the only professional in their city/category as each individual city-network grows to a maximum 1,500 referring businesses.

"Ask virtually any service professional what percentage of their business comes from the referrals of past customers, most will confirm with 80% or more” states Jordan Wexler Founder/CEO of SmartGuy. “Keep in mind that referrals are also the highest quality lead a business can receive. The problem is most small business owners don't have the time to develop & maintain a relationship with past customers/clients, however, SmartGuy® does that for them...automatically."

As SmartGuy’s City networks continue accelerated growth of local referring businesses, small business owners can elect to secure their spot as the only professional within their category/city for just $69 per month. All SmartGuy agreements are month-to-month and when asked why, Wexler responded, 


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