How Businesses Rank High on Google INSTANTLY


Want to know how businesses are ranking high on Google instantly without costly pay per click advertising? It’s simple, just join SmartGuy®.

Who is SmartGuy?

SmartGuy® helps businesses generate a non-stop flow of new customers by exclusively aligning them with up to 1,000+ other local businesses in their city and providing them a proprietary phone app to send, receive and track referrals among themselves.

How can SmartGuy help businesses instantly rank online?

As members sign up, SmartGuy automatically creates an editable web page for them and links it to their industry-related high-ranking articles. Since the SmartGuy domain name is even older than that of even Google, many of these articles are now on the top of major search engines when searching popular keyword phrases that customers use when looking for businesses..

For example, if a consumer was searching for a “Qualified Contractor” or the “Cheapest Contractor”, they might enter that on Google’s search and find a SmartGuy Article near the top of the first page! Member businesses are exclusively linked by city in the articles (try searching “Qualified Contractor” yourself and click the link that includes SmartGuy.

>> There is even a SECRET LIST on SmartGuy of keyword phrases by category that when searched often lead to SmartGuy Articles that rank high on major search engines.

Is SmartGuy® expensive?

No! in order to help grow SmartGuy virally, they keep the price down. In fact, currently the first 20 businesses to join in each city pay $99 for the whole year, and since its exclusive by category, can block their competitors from joining. This means they get all the leads both online and offline.

As SmartGuy continues to grow with more members, articles and links, so will the number of referrals they will receive and the ranking of these articles members can be linked on!

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