Car Cave Pasadena is Booming Despite Covid 19!

With the continued Covid-19 epidemic, many business have closed, or have experienced a catastrophic slowdown in business, but not for the people at Car Cave Pasadena.

"We have never been busier," states Car Cave Pasadena owner Walter Conn. "As an essential business, we have remained open, but hadn't planned on the boom of business we're experiencing."

The facts is people are bored and desperate for projects so their old cars moved up the priority list. for many, that means going back to their project cars that have been sitting in their garage, or finding project cars to work on. 

Walter continued, "we're working on everything from 1930's restorations to 50's hot rods, sports cars from the 60's to modern day muscle cars and road racing cars of all types."

With most road racing facilities still open during Covid-19, this remains a viable outlet for many sports car enthusiasts to take advantage of.

So if you have an existing project car sitting in the garage or have dreamed about driving an old classic from your past, why not give the guys at Car Cave Pasadena a call.

About Car Cave Pasadena
Opened about 14 months ago, Car Cave Pasadena is a premier auto restoration shop. They build, maintain, upgrade and repair custom, classic, collectible and performance vehicles. Oh and it’s a great hang out for car enthusiasts.

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Walter Conn
Pasadena, CA, USA