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Since 2004

From pre-condemnation planning, order of taking hearings and mediation, to trial or appellate representation, Birchfield & Humphrey offers expert representation in eminent domain matters. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our services, qualifications and experience. \n\nWe concentrate our practice in the areas of eminent domain, property rights and land use. Our involvement in community organizations and experience as appointed and elected officials give us a unique and broad perspective on our clients’ interests and the challenges they face. \n\nBirchfield & Humphrey is prepared to handle each stage of the process in eminent domain, property rights, and land use matters, whether it is pre-condemnation planning, order of taking hearings, mediation, trial, or appellate representation. We can help you assemble the various eminent domain experts, negotiate with the opposition, or present your case in the circuit or appellate courts. We welcome the opportunity to work with other lawyers on a co-counsel basis to jointly represent you in your eminent domain matters.

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