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Empire Window Cleaning

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Empire is a family-owned and operated Kansas City window cleaning company with a commitment to customer-friendliness and offering a full array of professional cleaning services. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our customers so that when you need service you know you can count on us. Thank you. Because of customers just like you, Empire has grown to be the go-to resource for property solutions in Kansas City and beyond. We’ve been serving the region since 2005, and we’ve approached our craft with a steadfast goal: To bring professional service and quality workmanship to you, our customer. It’s been more than a decade since we completed our first window cleaning job, and a lot has changed since then. We now offer services across residential, commercial and high rise properties, and deliver solutions to job needs of almost every scope. But we still hold true to the same values that brought Empire about a decade ago.

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435 Nichols Rd Ste 200
Kansas City MO USA, 641122036
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Jorge S Aguilar
816 7395980

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