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Global Workplace Wellness Summit
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The Global Workplace Wellness Summit 2020 (November 12-13) is an exciting opportunity to network and connect with global wellness leaders, HR, executives, and experts from around the world to discuss innovative, effective, and sustainable wellness programs that evolve workplace wellness.   We focus on a wide range of current and important topics including engagement, company culture, bullying, mindset, travel, interpersonal relationships, mental health, and more! You won't want to miss this event that takes place in sunny San Mateo, California!
Most workplace wellness programs offer support in the physical life dimension, missing the opportunity to change their employees’ mindsets and behaviors for long-term benefit. Thus a high percentage of workplace wellness programs are ineffective and fail to produce a measurable Return-on-Investment for the employees or the organization.
Our high-profile expert speakers, sponsors, and presenters are dedicated to creating a safe space to discuss the triumphs, challenges, and frustrations of making wellness a celebrated part of our working culture. They will showcase how improving workplace wellness can have a positive ripple-effect on organizations, the community, and our environment.

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