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Best Water Heater - Tankless Plano TX USA    
Water Heater - Tankless

Als Plumbing Company Inc

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We provide Warranty Service on every product we well. Al’s honors the entire length of each Manufacturer’s warranty (which varies from brand to brand and model to model). We provide the details of the warranty before you purchase. Extend the life and maximize the performance of your HVAC System or water heater with Al’s Preferred Service Agreement (PSA). Our PSA ensures all required annual maintenance is performed to keep your system is running at its peak efficiency and capacity. With proper annual maintenance, your cooling, and heating bills will be lower, your system will last longer, and you will be more comfortable. Annual Inspections of your Heating and Cooling equipment are included in the yearly services. These inspections can reveal sometimes subtle problems, such as A/C which is low on refrigerant. While being a little low on refrigerant will not stop your A/C from cooling, it won’t cool as well. This makes your electricity bills needlessly higher, shortens the life of the A/C, and limits its ability to keep your home comfortable. For instance, if you begin to notice the temperature inside your home rising during the day, even with the A/C running non-stop, it may be low on refrigerant.

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