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Best Waste Reduction, Recycle Service - Industrial Louisville KY USA
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Waste Reduction, Recycle Service - Industrial
Dependable Dumpsters
1403 Rowan Street
Louisville KY USA, 40203
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At Dependable Dumpsters we have the dream of providing a better solution to waste to Louisville, KY. The Sustainable Waste Remediation Economy is our more sustainable and holistic solution to the post consumption economy.  It takes a lot of time, effort, money and sacrifice to achieve this incredible dream, and it also means that people must think differently about waste. We have the goal of providing a solution for that.

We want to create the best damn place to work. So instead of following the typical landfill pattern our workplace will allow preventive measures to be taken by our employees while they work. This minimizes their exposure to any potentially dangerous substance and prevents chronic health conditions from developing in the future. This company is for my people. For the US as a whole and for the employees, consumers and businesses. This is a complicated problem that we’re working on.

So we need a waste stream to use in order to build this system to solve our waste problems. Your trash has a purpose and Dependable Dumpsters is first and foremost a materials recovery company. That means that your trash will become a recovered resource and could be creatively repurposed or re-used.

Have you caught onto our vision yet? If you agree with our core values and feel like you have a useful contribution to our development as an organization, contact us! We are looking for people who can bridge the gap between feeling and knowing why this is necessary, and for those who are constantly and intentionally taking deliberate action to make those beliefs come a true. La Fleur de merde is the opposite of most other companies!

Maybe you just need to get rid of some trash, and that means this company is for you. We strive to give you the best service possible in addition to helping our world.

Hours of Operation

Saturday    9AM-3PM

Monday    8AM–5PM

Tuesday    8AM–5PM

Wednesday    8AM–5PM

Thursday    8AM–5PM

Friday    8AM-5PM

Sunday    Closed

We are happy to accept Dependable Dumpsters as our exclusive member in the category of Waste Reduction, Recycle Service - Industrial for the city of Louisville. Since SmartGuy only allows one professional per category/city, we pride ourselves in accepting businesses offering great service and fair pricing. With so many companies in Louisville, we recommend you consider Dependable Dumpsters when in need of a professional in the Waste Reduction, Recycle Service - Industrial category.

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