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Diversified Contractors Inc

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About Company

Diversified Contractors, Inc. started in 1999 when a Fortune 100 Company approached Perry Towns about filling a need to provide a unique value added warehousing service for their retail customers in the Alabama market. Thirteen years later that unique need is still being met by DCI, as well as the customized warehousing and distribution needs of many other customers. Sustained and controlled growth over the past decade has been a result of the family orientation of the business, and the concerted desire of every employee to be a “difference maker” within the customer supply chain. All associates are trained on the business of the particular account in order to better understand their supply chain and the role DCI plays. That in turn helps the customer have a partner who is looking out for their best interest and helping to resolve daily obstructions that may occur in the supply chain process. In short, that is what some call Customer Service, we call it CARING. We all care about our customers and their success, and do what it takes to make them successful. That philosophy has seen DCI grow over the past decade to become a full service 3PL offering a menu of warehousing and distribution services from two locations in Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, AL. Services include: Vendor Managed Inventories US Customs clearance validation for Air and Ocean Freight Sequencing Cross DockingAssembly/Subassembly Distribution Consolidation/DeconsolidationLast Mile Delivery Ocean Container Devanning and Distribution Long and Short Term warehousing Pick and pack

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9am 5pm MF

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3350 Ball St
Birmingham AL USA, 352341529
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Perry Towns
205 3222868
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