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Since 2017

We specialize in helping businesses increase their leads and conversions using state-of-the-art personalized and customized 'smart' videos.

The personal touch is something that people value, whether it's in person or online. Why not capture the attention of your clients from the first moment with a unique and compelling, personalized video that speaks directly to them using their name. This is the same video personalization technology used by the big companies eg Red Bull, Dominos, McDonald's, Nike, & AT&T.

Personalized videos help connect you with your clients, and implementing these personalization strategies can give you the edge over your competition. Tailoring your marketing message and the customer experience to your prospect can have many positive effects.

Statistic show that:

✔️ Email open rates are significantly higher (55%) with personalized videos
✔️ Conversion rates are 42% higher than generic calls-to-action
✔️ 74% of marketers admit that personalization increases customer engagement 

My team and I will work to create affordable personalized videos and video campaigns for each person, topic, moment and situation.

We also offer Professional Spokesperson, Animated, Whiteboard and Video Facebook Headers and so much more! There's something for every one! Don't just advertise the old fashion way, do it the Personalized way!

Learn more about how our personalized video lead generation service can help your business. Email or call 765-376-8743.

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