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Club Z! Tutoring Service best Tutor - Primary Grades in Cary NC

Educational experts agree – the most effective teaching method is one-on-one instruction from a qualified tutor. Club Z! provides one-on-one tutoring services in the security, comfort and privacy of your home.

You have a busy schedule - Club Z! offfers Flexible Scheduling! Our tutors are available around your busy schedule – including evenings, weekends, and school breaks! If your familly is traveling this summer and can't commit to face to face tutoring, check out our awesome online tutoring services - especially designed for summer!
Affordable Rates year round! Our tutoring programs are priced to be some of the most competitive in the market.
No Mandatory Testing: We will meet with you and your child to review report cards, progress reports and teacher notes and create a customized learning plan tailored to your child’s specific academic needs.
No Long Term Contracts: We believe that each child’s learning capacity is unique, and we regularly monitor ongoing progress so we can adjust the learning program as your child masters new skills and concepts.

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Office hours are Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Tutoring services are available 7 days a week.

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Prevent Traditional Summer Brain Drain with Club Z!. Purchase 10 In Home tutoring sessions and get 2 Free! Hours must be used between June 1 and August 31 2019.

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