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Since 2015

Tree services can vary widely from simple bush pruning and tree cutting, to full tree removal, stump removal, and lot clearing. Like most tree removal companies, Tree Removal Service Birmingham started small with larger landscaping jobs such as tree trimming and small tree pruning and care. Our strong work ethic and cost efficient tree services we offered grew our customer base to allow us to expand into larger projects. With better equipment came the ability to add stump removal, tree removal, and full tree pruning services. 

Residential tree services are needed for a variety of reasons. Regular care and maintenance of your yard makes you proud of the home you live in. Certain tree types can grow exponentially in a year and become unruly by the time summer hits. And we all know in Alabama that’s March so tree services are needed year round! Pruning is required for bushes and some small trees to grow properly and knowing which branches, buds, or roots to select for removal should be left to professionals.

Proper tree trimming, tree cutting, and pruning is essential to maintain the look of your home but also can save you money if done properly on a regular schedule. Minor tree services such as these are sometimes overlooked because vegetation grows slowly and homeowners don’t want to pay for small jobs they think are no big deal. But that small job becomes a large one and cost much more if trees become sick and die because it wasn’t taken care of in time. Dead limbs look like live ones until they fall easily and damage property or hurt someone. Then costs grow quickly for tree services.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
1821 11th Ave S # 55551
Birmingham AL USA, 35255
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