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Courageous Travel best Travel Agent in Calgary AB

Courageous Travel is the ultimate tour, travel, volunteer, safari, eco-tourism, adventure travel company!  Courageous travel combines the amazing experiences of relaxation with adventure, touring with volunteering, traveling with having a positive impact.

Courageous Travel is the funnest company to travel with. We will give you all the details upfront and are always happy to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. We quickly and easily outline the destinations and activities so you can choose what is right for your holiday.

Courageous Travel specializes in wildlife encounters such as trekking the endangered mountain gorillas (the gentle giants that Diane Fossey is well known for helping to study and save), feeding giraffes, swimming with whale sharks, and caring for orphaned sloths, chimps, elephants, and lions. If you want to come up close and personal with your favorite animal for a day or spend a a few days or a few weeks helping to care for animals in need then Courageous Travel is the company to book through.

While many travel companies will just take you to see wildlife or scenery, Courageous Travel takes you deeper into the travel experience by encouraging you to get involved with volunteering for a few hours to a couple of weeks doing  activities such as installing solar panels, teaching dance, art o reading, building a play ground or house, helping with orphan care, ect. By taking time to give back to the communities you visit it makes the travel experience richer for all involved while leaving behind a lasting impact.

In addition to encouraging travelers to volunteer, Courageous Travel, encourages volunteers to explore and tour the areas they are volunteering in. Far to often groups will go volunteer for a week in an area and only visit the beach once. When you extend your volunteering experience by a few days or weeks you can learn more about the areas history, culture, language as well as have the incredible experiences of hiking deep into forests, sighting rare birds, climbing mountains, and rafting rivers.

Courageous Travel also courageously addresses topics such as animal and ivory trade, alcoholism, domestic violence, HIV, ect. The founder of Courageous Travel, Crystal Evans, built and ran a school and care project for over 200 orphan and needy children. As she has opened the doors to Courageous Travel, she has brought with her the same spirit of social entrepreneurship and is using her company to tackle tough issues such as sex tourism and animal poaching and gender inequality by having her company get involved to make a difference through both education, policy change, and building projects that offer hope and a pathway towards change.  She strongly believes that 'Together We Can' and invites all travelers to join he hand in hand and heart in heart to change the world....all while having a lot of fun seeing and exploring the great destinations the world has to offer.

Courageous Travel creates tailor made tours. All you do it tell us where you want to go, what sort of activities you love, number of people traveling and projected budget. Then you sit back and relax because we believe you should not have to wait until you get to the beach to relax. All you have to do is pack (and make sure to bring your smiles and a adventurous spirit) and we will take care of the rest.

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