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Since its inception, twenty years ago, Rescue Training Inc has become one of the leading EMT and Paramedic schools in the state of GA. In Savannah we conduct approximately six EMT /EMT-I courses and two Paramedic courses per year for the general public. In addition to these RTI receives regular contracts to conduct EMT and Paramedic courses for the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security. RTI began teaching the EMT-Tactical® program in 2002 after the CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics and Tactical Operations Medical Support) program lost its funding to continue the course. Savannah PD having a need for additional tactical medics in the local area and RTI having qualified staff, together developed the first local EMT-T® course. Since then the program has developed into one of the most sought after TEMS program in the country. Dave sought out some of the best pre hospital medical and tactical instructors in the country to help teach and train others in these live-saving procedures. RTI has conducted 80 EMT-T® courses throughout the United States and has provided this training to members of all branches of the Military and most branches of Homeland Security. Visit for more information on the EMT-T® program.

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