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David George Brooke has been a speaker, teacher, life coach, and bestselling author for over 25 years. He specializes in teaching people the benefits of living a life of gratitude, and specifically the advantages of using a daily gratitude journal. With 700 gratitude videos posted on YouTube, thousands have seen his message, and he is now considered a leading authority on gratitude and how living a life of gratitude can enhance and improve your life. 

As the author of The Brooker's Daily Gratitude Journal, Happiness Starts With Gratitude, and Gratitude Nuggets to Chew On. David will show you the trans-formative power of gratitude.

You’re about to discover a secret that can transform your life permanently.  Nothing has impacted me more than embracing gratitude.  I will show you the incredible transformational power of what living in gratitude can do.  If you would like to learn how I can assist YOU in this journey, just press the button below:  “Learn How Gratitude Leads to Happiness”

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