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You understand the value of using a mortgage broker or insurance broker - they bring more options to the table. We are essentially, a cloud services broker: We aren't captive to one vendor. Instead, we can research ALL the vendors for the best fit for your needs, gather competitive bids, present them to you with our best recommendation, all at no cost to you. We remain vendor neutral and are only compensated (by the vendor) IF we can help you. Whatever your needs, we will connect you with the top engineers in their fields to architect the exact solutions you need.
Cloud UCaaS (hosted VoIP) offers much better technology to assist businesses with an enhanced customer experience, better productivity, complete mobility, easier management, simple scalability, more robust analytics, easy integrations, better security, complete compliance, significant cost savings, and can even provide hybrid solutions with your on-prem system.
Utilize our connections with all the major service providers to help you move your company to the cloud. There is no cost for our help and no reason to wait! 

OTG Consulting - Cloud Telecom Solutions for Business - best Telephone Service and Long Distance in New York, NY

Isn't it time to upgrade your 19th century phone system, to 21st century technology?

Great way for affinity groups or business networking groups to offer discounts to members and generate on going income for the organization.

SMB or Enterprise - No business or organization is too big or too small.

The Death of PSTN: We are now in a period of traditional phone services "winding down" and businesses MUST move to the new world of IP communications. OTG Consulting is positioned to help navigate businesses through the many options. We partner with all of the best telecommunications and IT service providers to find the right solutions for you. We will upgrade your services, enhance your security, and save you money. This is all we do!

Cyber security has become one of the biggest concerns for businesses that store proprietary or customer data. We work with the best cloud service providers in the world to provide your business with the newest and most advanced security, both physical security and cyber security. Municipalities and individual agencies that are looking to add security systems such as body cams, are going to need updated cloud storage with the most advanced security for now and in the future. We architect our IT solutions around your specific needs and provide you with ongoing free consultation to keep you up to speed with changing technology. Our consulting services are provided to your business or organization at no cost. We are paid by the service providers, if and when you accept our proposals. At the very least, our team of experts will help you understand the new cloud technology and the expected cost savings. Since we have ongoing relationships with all the best service providers, it is unlikely that you will be able to negotiate a lower price. We average a 35% savings for our clients, while providing them the most current and secure solutions. We offer the best hosted VoIP and UCaaS service in New York.

OTG Consulting is your best Telephone Communications and Information Technology consultants in the NEW YORK area. We offer services from the Best VoIP service in New York, NY. Best internet service. Best teleconferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing.  Best SD-WAN. Best cloud service in NY. Security systems, Cyber security, fleet monitoring, and more, near me in New York City. Free consultation and service proposal. No cost consultation for all Telecom services and IT solutions in the New York area. Looking for the best service at the lowest cost? We work with all the major telecom and IT service providers around the world. We know their strong points and weak points. We will design and negotiate the absolute best and lowest cost Telecom and IT solutions for your company and present our proposal to you at no cost. If you choose to utilize the services we propose, the service providers pay us, NOT YOU. In addition, the providers monitor and update their systems continuously to keep your communications operating at top efficiency, and to keep your data safe. 

If you need to upgrade your telecom and IT services, we average a 35% SAVINGS for our clients while providing the best services for your needs in New York, the best VoIP service close to me. We offer solutions globally as well. Multi-locations around the world are no problem. And no company is too big or too small.

>  Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

>  Call Center - (CCaaS)

>  Voice (VoIP) and Telephony including mobile device support

>  Conferencing - Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, and Web Conferencing

>  Messaging - Email with voicemail and Unified Messaging (UM)

>  Instant messaging and presence (IM & P)

>  Soft-Clients - Including desktop clients and thin browser clients

>  Communications enabled applications - For example: Integrated collaboration and contact center applications

>  MPLS with SIP trunking or Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Hosted VoIP, Broadband connections, and more

>  Connectivity services - Internet services, ethernet services, MPLS-VPN, SD-SD WAN, and Point to Point

>  Cloud - Colocation, Public cloud, backup and disaster recovery solutions, storage, and virtual servers

>  Security - Cyber security (SECaaS) and Physical security

>  Internet of Things (IoT) - Enhance productivity, Wireless backup failover solutions, and Managed data solutions

>  Professional services - IT Consulting, IT solutions, and Managed Hosting solutions 

Remember, our expert telecom and IT consultations are free to your company. Don't get stuck with overpriced and outdated telecom services. Leverage our 35 years of telecom experience and see how we can help your company save time, effort, and money. There is no need to have your staff spend valuable time researching the hundreds of telecom and IT companies for the right telecom solutions in New York, New York. Our team of experts can quickly put together a solution proposal for your review without it costing your company a dime. We serve the greater New York City area, all of New York State, all of the U.S., and most of the world.

With our expert team, the big Telecom companies don't have to pay outside sales people; instead they pay us. You get unbiased recommendations on the best companies to serve your needs. The research and designing of your IT solutions are completed by our expert staff who know the ins and outs of each provider. You are consulted about your companies needs, we determine the best solutions, architect a complete Telecom / IT plan,  negotiate the best rates, and you can focus on your business. If you have any technical issues, you can call us. We are your first point of contact when issues arise. Again, we provide your business with free consulting, before and after implementation. Request your free consultation now. Just click on our website and fill out the FREE Consultation request form. It's fast, it's easy, it will save your business valuable time, and it's free!

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