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About Company

SkiWithMe is really about you, the winter-sport enthusiast or “wanna-be” participant. When you live in Western New York, you have to like and learn to love winter. SkiWithMe helps you with both. We take you to the right Mountain and connect you with the best instructor to make the most of your ski area experience.

No one knows more about your ideal ski resort than your local resident – an expert professional who loves his  home slopes as much as the outdoor sports she teaches. Your Mountain Pro is a business person and you are the client. SkiWithMe will save you time, but more importantly maximize your full experience.

And the fun continues off the slopes. Skiing is best seen as a social activity with a sports problem. And again, who can teach you more than your local expert about breweries or boutiques, shows or spas, gaming or simply sight-seeing

But, SkiWithMe is far more than snowboards, alpine, cross country, and telemark skis. We’re really about enjoying Mountain Resorts all the year around.  What starts on the fall snow can extend through spring and summer.  Snowshoes, toboggans, tubes and sleds give way to hiking, biking, floating - kayaks ropes and zip-lines.  SkiWithMe is really about four-season fitness. 

Yes, your SkiWithMe Mountain Pro will cut some costs, but the true benefit rests with your ROI - your return in terms of teaching, training, time saved, memories made, and respect earned. We will make you a hero to family, friends and self.

Come, SkiWithMe!

Hours of Operation

SkiWithMe is online and always available, so you can get basic information, ask questions,  bookmark or favorite any of our resources, or simply sign on and get started at any time.

You will respond to a few questions which will help determine your best Mountain Resort and connect with the ideal Mountain guide with whom you will begin. 

Of course, your Mountain Guide will establish set hours for immediate and live dialogue, but again the vast array of tools and resources are available online 24/7 for your convenience and use. 

As your Mountain Guide will say so often, "Come, SkiWithMe! 

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Buffalo NY USA, 14127
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Gratis sign on during this off-season [Learn More] Off-season is really FULL SEASON. Join the SkiWithMe network to remain in the loop and on the ball. Following is always free, and active participation remains “gratis” during these spring and summer months. The snow of winter remains at only a few mountains in the west, but Mountain sports are of year-round interest. As the snow gear is packed away, kayaks, ropes, and tents take their place. Teaching & training are a 12-month commitment, but of greater allure, appeal and adventure, are the activities of hiking, camping, climbing, and zip-lining. Of course. music concerts and special outdoor events are ever-ongoing and at home in all seasons at Mountain Resorts. And crat breweries and wineries are also open for business. So, join us and become an active enthusiast. Come, SkiWithMe!

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