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Beverly Hills Design Institute

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Beverly Hills Design Institute has set mission to serve employers, and their communities by preparing a diverse and qualified student population to become responsible professionals committed to lifelong learning and equipped with a firm academic foundation and career-specific competencies. Beverly Hills Design Institute offers innovative, challenging, and flexible fashion education programs to enrich the community through creations that raise the level of originality, aesthetic, quality, intelligence and sophistication. To achieve this goal, Beverly Hills Design Institute follows, conveys, and promotes the essence, principles, and concept of Haute Couture translated by the research of Beauty, Harmony, Elegance, Perfection, and Uniqueness. The market place is becoming more diversified, specific, personalized, and fostering micro-markets that target individually clients with a growing need for products fitting better their unique personality. Beverly Hills Design Instituteresponds to this demand by preparing exceptionally talented individuals to become highly specialized experts and life-long enterprising professionals, who are capable of critical thinking, problem solving, market analysis, and the business acumen to serve not only companies, at any level of their industry, but also to create their own brand, and develop the niche market that fits perfectly their unique creativity. Beverly Hills Design Institute nurtures professionals with hands-on, student-centered programs and innovative teaching techniques focusing on student learning outcomes that develop confidence, sense of belonging and purpose. As the result, Beverly Hills Design Institute constitutes a family of artists, designers, creators and leaders empowering each other, and dedicated to bring quality, values and prosperity to the community.

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9am 5pm MF

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8484 Wilshire Blvd 730
Beverly Hills CA USA, 902113235
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Marylou Von Heyman
310 3608888
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