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Industrial Employee Safety Canada Inc.

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Industrial Employee Safety Canada Inc. best Safety Consultants in Calgary AB

Allan is the founder of Industrial Employee Safety Canada. He specializes in industrial safety training and field safety supervision. Allan has gained experience internationally and has worked in many industries, allowing him to work well and instruct with a variety of audiences.

His instructional experience includes large scale staff orientation, air and fire safety services, H2S safety, fall protection and confined spaces rescue plans, and safety inspections on drilling sites and construction projects. Allan has worked in various industries, including petroleum, forest, and mining throughout Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and the Persian Gulf.

Allan’s services range from Red Cross wilderness training, basic first aid training, to counterbalance forklift instruction. The company also provides custom training for the workplace, including program development, needs assessment, program delivery, and follow-up.

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Monday to Friday, 7:00am -5:00pm. There is a 24-hour emergency number available. 

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1188 3 Street Southeast
Calgary AB Canada, T2G 1H8
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Allan Macdonald
+1 587-224-1481
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