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River Street Sweets Inc  

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We're proud to deliver to our guests simply the freshest, highest quality, most flavorful candies and confections available. Our neighbors know it - we've consistently been voted "Savannah's Best Candy Store." Find us in Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston, Myrtle Beach and coming soon to an area near you! All of our stores are designed to incorporate our guests into the experience. Most of our new visitors are drawn in by the delicious aromas wafting from every where! We encourage our guests to watch the candies being made, chat with the cooks on duty, and sample the candy. Really enjoy themselves! We don't want anyone leaving one of our stores without feeling they have really experienced something unique and valuable. From the very beginning, guest satisfaction has been at the forefront of our minds.

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9am 5pm MF

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13 E River St
Savannah GA USA, 314011295
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