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San Jalisco Mexican Restaurant  

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About Company

Since 1988

Looking for the best Restaurant - Mexican in San Francisco CA?
San Jalisco Mexican Restaurant can assist you.
When looking in San Francisco, we know there are many local businesses to choose from, we recommend you consider San Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

SanJalisco Mexican Restaurant is the destination place in San Francisco for quality authentic Mexican food! We offer dine in, take out, and catering services and accept reservations for large parties and events. Our wait staff is always friendly and our low prices and authentic regional style recipes will keep you returning for more.

Run by Dolores “Josie” Padilla-Reyes and multiple generations of her family, the restaurant has been around for three decades. Its name is a hybrid of San Francisco and Jalisco, the Mexican state where Padilla-Reyes’ parents were born. The high-ceilinged room somehow combines coziness, with its ceramic jugs and framed photos, and cafeteria-style openness. Its large tables and expansive menu add to the feeling that you could step inside at any time and find something you’re going to want to eat.

One visit isn’t enough: Served all day, breakfast at San Jalisco is an infinitely repeatable option, particularly the chilaquiles. In the Chilaquiles Veronica, fried tortilla pieces are tossed in red salsa, nopales, chorizo, scrambled eggs and sour cream to merge into a perfect equilibrium of sauciness and crispiness. It’s also worth trying special dishes that are hard to find elsewhere, like an appetizer of enfrijolada (a corn tortilla bathed in a thin coating of refried beans and topped with crema) and the weekend-only birria — order it “wet” for the soupy version of long-cooked goat meat, a specialty of Jalisco.

Pro tip: The regular wait staff, including Padilla-Reyes’ sister, Margarita, bring nonstop coffee refills, but the gigantic Michelada is an even better option, arriving in a frozen Tajin-rimmed glass mug with your choice of beer. What to Order: Chilaquiles Veronica ($10.95), Michelada ($7.50). – Tara Duggan, SF Chronicle.

Thursday nights: If you order ahead, you can order delicous LIVER dishes!

Hours of Operation

Daily 8 am - 10 pm
no reservations accepted.
Credit cards accepted
Contact Us

901 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco CA USA, 94110
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