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Nozawa Bar

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At Nozawa Bar, our aim is to serve the very best tradition-based omakase sushi meal. Our multi-course menu — primarily nigiri sushi plus sashimi and handrolls — features many of the more adventurous sushi items that dedicated sushi eaters have come to appreciate. Chef Nozawa and the SUGARFISH team invited Master Chef Osamu Fujita to serve as Executive Chef. Nozawa and Fujita have been friends since they worked together 30 years ago. The menu is created early each morning when Nozawa and Fujita visit the LA fish markets to select the fish for the day. During the meal, each course is served to all guests at once. The cadence and tempo of the meal have been mindfully created to allow each course to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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10am6pm MF

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212 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90210
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Kazunori Nozawa
424 2166158
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