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Brighter Day Electric  - Best Residential Electricians in Calgary AB

Brighter Day Electric is the best residential Electrician in Calgary!

Brighter Day Electric can assist you with all your residential and small business electrical needs, giving you a brighter day!

No job is too big or too small.  

Indoor Lighting And Outlets

Brighter Day Electric take care of replacing or upgrading your lighting which will help you enjoy your home and office, while adding to its value. You will want to have the job done right so you know that there are no safety violations and that everything is up to code.

Do you have light switches that take a moment to come on? Do you hear a crackling noise when you touch your switch? Is there a black mark on your outlet? These are things you will want to have looked at right away. Your home is the greatest asset that you have; Brighter Day Electric can help you to look after it well.

Home Renovation

Renovating your electricity is something that you definitely want done by an expert. Relax, knowing that the job is being done right, so that your comfort and investment are taken care of. If you have purchased a home and you are suspicious that a "handyman" has made some upgrades, give us a call to be sure that these "improvements" are up to code. 

Brighter Day Electric can install, test, and upgrade important equipment in your home like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We can replace old wiring, and properly install additional outlets. Many home office spaces have been converted from bedrooms, and kitchens from 25 years ago did not need the outlets that are necessary today. Let Brighter Day Electric help you create and design all of the upgrades that you need for outlets in a modern home.

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Hours of Operation

Brighter Day Electric has flexible hours depending upon the needs of our clients.

Brighter Day Electric is a proud member of The CIBN.

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