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Are you looking for the Best Real Estate in Temecula CA?  Call or text 951-526-3841 for a free consultation on how you can benefit from our approach. We are a community of new and experienced real estate investors in Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties who work together to make profitable transactions.

If you've ever thought about investing in real estate, but felt you didn't know enough about how to do it, or where to get the money, give us a call. We can show you what we do and how we do it at a property walk-through or at our in-depth presentations. We'll cover the following:

FINANCIAL LITERACY: Get out of the "40/40/40 Plan"! Learn how to: 1) Pay off your mortgage (or student loan or car loan) in 1/3 the time - without increasing your payments. 2) Save 2/3 on your income taxes. 3) Employ your children in your own business. 4) Use retirement accounts to fund real estate transactions and increase return on investment.

REAL ESTATE INVESTING EDUCATION: 1) Acquisition and Exit Strategies (Fix-and-flip, buy and hold, seller financing, equity sharing, subject-to). 2) Legal and Tax Strategies. 3) Funding Sources. 4) Multiple property types (single family, multi-family, commercial). 

For more info, please go to the website listed in the profile on the upper right.

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39145 Triple Springs Lane
Temecula CA USA, 92591
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Stephen Huff
+1 (951) 526-3841
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