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My name is Cody wall, I’m 30 years old. I spent the majority of my twenty’s measuring success through the paycheck I was given. I had it all, bought a house, had my first daughter, my wife was able to be a stay at home mom I felt like I had life handled. In 2015 I was blessed with an unfortunate accident that cost me my home and livelihood.  As I was in recovery from not only my injury but how I would mentally overcome this loss. Being in construction for 12 years I needed to pursue a career not another job.  I found success in Real Estate because I can pursue connections with people to find out how I can make a lasting effect on their life. Buying a home is a big purchase some people only do once and I hope to help them find the house they call home everyday.

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George Wilkinson


Cody loves helping people and does what is the right thing for the customer

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1775 East 4500 South Lvl 1
Holladay UT USA, 84117
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Cody Wall
+1 (435) 671-0747
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