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The creator does not furnish everyone with everything. And so, abundance in your wealth means a scarcity of the same aspect of someone else’s life. We try to help the child those cannot afford to take any necessities of life. We are Bless the child foundation and we work as an NGO for the working children. We request you for some help in the form of charity which would provide a better future to these children. We provide these children with proper meals, clean and healthy drinking water, proper education and much more. We hope for some positive response to this.\nMethod of Payments:\n\n1. Visa/Master \n\n2. Cash\n\n3. Check\n\n\nHours of operation:\n\n8am to 5pm Monday to Sunday

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation 8am to 5pm Monday to Sunday
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6812 Oakland St
Philadelphia PA USA, 19149
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