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Gustavus Dedman (G.D.) Crain Jr. was a man of great drive and enthusiasm. Speaking of his first business venture, as a young boy selling newspapers in Louisville, Kentucky, he says, “I started my business career with a capital of five cents… and returned home a couple of hours later with a 100% increase in capital.” He never looked back. As a young business paper correspondent, G.D. Crain learned that “there was no substitute for personal contact with the people I was writing about.” He later extended this lesson to advertisers and their audiences, becoming one of the first to stress the importance of market research. In February 1916, at the age of 30, Mr. Crain started his first publication, Hospital Management, with just $10,000 and one employee. He started his second publication, Class, a month later to reach business-to-business marketing professionals. Mr. Crain would continue to grow the Crain Publishing Co. through the Great Depression, World War II and many other turbulent times with an innovative approach to business-to-business publications and an entrepreneurial spirit that stayed with him until his passing in 1973. Mr. Crain’s publishing philosophy was simple: Find an area where there was a real information need, then “put the reader first from the first day.” A century after his first publication, the company that bears his name continues to grow by staying true to the tenets upon which Crain Communications was founded.

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