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Glenda Smith Movers

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Glenda Smith Movers best Movers in Plano TX

Glenda Smith Movers, best movers in Plano, Tx, has been moving great customers for 30 years, plus.   Our excellent staff is experienced in transitioning you with ease, confidence & competency.


Glenda Smith Movers is a multi-service organization, giving assistance in organizing, consulting,  packing/unpacking,  loading/unloading one’s vehicle,  rearranging for staging of your house,  residential,  office & commercial moves.


We offer prompt and timely moves.


Our exclusive service areas are:







North Dallas

Downtown Dallas

Contact Glenda Smith Movers to learn more about us & our  full service  or A la carte packages!


Big or small, we move you all!!!

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Hours of Operation

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Every day.

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