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Since January 15, 2019

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Looking to Cut the Cord on Cable or Satellite TV in Lansing, MI? Are you looking for the Best Live TV Streaming in Lansing, MI? Are you wanting to find and alternative to the High Cost of Cable or Satellite TV bills in Lansing, MI or anywhere actually? What if you could save money, get more channels than you could ever want, and make an extra income by telling others? If you want to capitalize on the next big thing in television history, then go no further! TV Streaming is here and you can be one of the first people to gain from if financially. If this sounds great to you, then look no farther!

SmartGuy 2019 Best envyTV in Lansing, MI is:


Lansing, MI USA

Contact: Elizabeth Balmer

(844) 504-6161 

Are you tired of spending so much for TV services?

If Yes, then you are absolutely in the right place! The Cable and Satellite providers know that so many people are sick of paying so much for TV and they are scared. They are trying to help offset their losses by raising prices and cutting channels, pushing more and more people away. There are more and more options popping up for TV Streaming, but what makes envyTV different from the others?

BENEFITS of being an envyTV Customer

With envyTV there are No Contracts, No Credit Checks, and No Commitments! You decide each month if you want to continue with the service or not. With your monthly subscription you have the ability to stream Live TV on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, your computer, and Android Device, or an IOS Device. So you literally have Live TV in your pocket at all times! No more having to leave the house and missing how your favorite show ends! You can have envyTV on as many devices as you wish and can run 3 simultaneously . We offer over 1,000 channels:

  • Movie Channels - HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime, etc,
  • Sports Packages - NFL Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLB Package, NHL Package, etc,
  • International Channels - We offer channels in languages around the World,
  • Pay Per View - Get Live PPV events at no extra cost,
  • ESPN+ - No extra charge to you,
  • Music Channels,
  • Plus, so much more!

You get all this for only $49.97 USD per month! The price of all this is so cheap because:

  • You install the App, no appointments to have someone come to your home,
  • You do not have to run wiring or cables in your home,
  • You get service through your internet or WiFi connection, you do need at least 35 Mbps, but faster is better,
  • You do not have to worry about calls from telemarketers or sales people,
  • Advertising costs are not passed onto you by envyTV,
  • envyTV does not pass any high overhead costs onto you!

How Do I Start?

  • Go to your Affiliate Member's Website and Sign Up
  • Download the App to your device. Follow the instructions exactly for the device you have 
  • Use the Login and Password information that the company emails you to get access to your envyTV

BENEFITS of the envyTV REFERRAL Program

envyTV will pay you for each person you refer over to our TV Streaming service. For each person you refer, the company will pay you $10 USD per month that the Customer renews their service. So in essence, after you refer 5 people, your envyTV is free! Think about how many people you know that watch TV.

BENEFITS of being an envyTV Affiliate Marketing Business Partner

envyTV has created a platform for individuals to take the Customer Referral Program to a whole new level by offering the opportunity to become an Affiliate Marketing Business Partner of the company.

They offer their Affiliate Marketing Business Partners:

  • A generous rewarding compensation plan,
  • Products and services that consumers want and need,
  • A proven business model that works,
  • Monthly Residuals,
  • 6 Ways to Get Paid,
  • Fast Start Bonuses/Certificates

envyTV Affiliate Marketing Business Partners not only get the great service, but also have an opportunity to:

  • Get Tax Advantages of business ownership,
  • Get Flexibility to set up their own work schedule,
  • Get the time to spend with the people that mean the most to them as much as possible,
  • Get the possibility of accomplishing all the things in life they have never had the time or money to do,
  • Get to know that they are helping change the lives of so many others by helping them save money on TV and giving them the opportunity to make an income all from the comfort of their home.

More about Elizabeth Balmer and envyTV in Lansing, MI

As a Founding Affiliate Partner of envyTV, Elizabeth Balmer, joined the company the day that it launched on January 15, 2019. She is a wife, mom of three littles, works full time as an Accountant, and has been in the network marketing industry since 2012. Elizabeth is originally from the Grand Rapids, MI area but went to Michigan State University for college and has stayed in the Lansing area since graduating with her Accounting degree in 2003. She has been in the corporate business world since graduation and started working in the insurance industry in 2008, where she is now the Investment/Statutory Accountant for the biggest dental insurance company in the area. She wears many hats while juggling family, work and business; but she loves each and every minute of it all. Over the years, Elizabeth has been trying to find her passion and why she was put here on this earth. She has tried so many other adventures in business, but something about the culture and the opportunity at envyTV is keeping her here for the long haul.

Elizabeth's Message to you is:

'I have tried the health and wellness companies, but to me even if i loved the product, I struggled with trying to convince someone why my product is better than the other guy's. TV is different. Everyone, well almost everyone, watches TV. There really is no convincing people, only showing them how they can save money. I have learned so much about myself and this industry over the last few years. But there is something about this company and where we are heading that I know that I am in the right place for me."

So, if you are in the Lansing, MI area, or anywhere in the World actually; and you are looking to save money by cutting the cord on Cable or Satellite, or if you are looking for that money making opportunity, contact Elizabeth for more information. She will do everything she can to help you either become a Customer or an Affiliate of this amazing company. Contact her today!

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