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Oracle RX
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Oracle RX is a prior authorization company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Our mission is to simplify the way specialty medications are accessed in the modern world. Oracle RX provides an online platform that is secure, collaborative, and allows patients, physicians, and pharmacists to improve how patients’ access treatment and receive medicine.

We combine expert resources with a state-of-the-art platform that helps in delivering robust solutions in the prior authorization process. We also help to reduce the cost to patients, including when they are in the coverage gap. Our platform meets immediate priorities for care management. With so much to offer, Oracle RX online is your one-stop solution for prior authorization.

The revolutionary platform and Oracle RX P.A. services are provided at no cost to its prescribers, and registering is easy. It takes just minutes to complete online. Oracle RX prides itself on customer service, providing safe, and simpler industry solutions.

We are creating a new healthcare infrastructure to connect providers and payers in the prior authorization process seamlessly. We all know prior authorizations can be a burden and time consuming, so let Oracle RX do the heavy lifting so you do not have to.  

Many people are involved in the prior authorization process; therefore, developing efficient collaboration is key. Oracle RX eliminates phone calls and creates a seamless connection and communication between parties. Our company makes the whole process more efficient and improves workflows by tracking prior authorization requests through our unique online process.

By providing prior authorization approvals in minutes or less, the Oracle RX Electronic Prior Authorization Portal prevents unpleasant surprises for patients at the pharmacy and allows clinicians to remain focused on providing care instead of completing administrative tasks.

Oracle RX’s electronic prior authorization solution connects all stakeholders involved in the P.A. lifecycle ensuring requests are submitted in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner that effectively gets patients appropriate access to therapy.

In the world of specialty pharmacy, prior authorizations have become increasingly common. Since these drugs can carry a cost ranging much higher than comparative medications that are prescribed, insurance carriers now police the prescription process very closely. And because providing quality care is your teams first priority, Oracle RX has put into practice a process that handles the heavy workload involved in securing prior authorizations for your patients without the obstacles that many of your contemporaries are discovering.

Oracle RX’s staff has the specialized knowledge and training required to get the job done and to help your organization operate more seamlessly and efficiently!

For more information on Oracle RX or to register to create an account with our strategic prior authorization advocacy specialists visit today!

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We are happy to accept Oracle RX as our exclusive member in the category of Mental Health Services for the city of Tampa. Since SmartGuy only allows one professional per category/city, we pride ourselves in accepting businesses offering great service and fair pricing. With so many companies in Tampa, we recommend you consider Oracle RX when in need of a professional in the Mental Health Services category.

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