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Addiction is a serious issue that plagues individuals, families, and society, often in very insidious ways. A person who suffers tremendous stress or pressure from various aspects of life — school, work, or relationships — is at risk of falling into depression and developing an unhealthy dependence on alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient recognizes the perils of this situation and is committed to promoting addiction recovery in Utah.
Addiction Recovery Through A Spiritual Approach
At the heart of our treatment programs lies a spiritual approach that seeps into all of our other methods. We believe that each person has unique needs which form the basis of our drug addiction treatment and recovery process. In addition to therapy and medication, we integrate spiritual topics in our modalities like the 12-Step Program, Experiential Therapy, Anxiety and Depression Therapy, and Group Psychotherapy, among others. While medication and detoxification help flush out the physically harmful elements from your body, our Gospel-based solutions heal the mind by helping you find joy and meaning in life.
A Dedicated and Proactive Staff
Our team is composed of individuals who assume active roles in rehabilitating clients throughout whichever program they choose. They provide all the necessary guidance to encourage clients into conquering their struggles and, ultimately, overcoming their conditions. You or your loved one can rely on professional and empathic recovery counseling from our center for drug rehab in Utah.
You don’t have to deal with your drug, substance, or alcohol abuse problems alone. Reach out and let us help you start your journey to recovery by calling, or filling out our contact form for a free assessment.

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