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Best Martial Arts Reading England UK
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Diverse Krav Maga in Reading
The Meadway, Honey End Ln
Reading England UK, RG30 4AA
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Fun and family friendly Krav Maga school. Certified by the IKMF. Safe, respectful and hard working atmosphere. Over 24 years combined club experience. 5 star feedback! ABOUT DIVERSE KRAV MAGA: What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga (Hebrew for Contact Combat) is a practical and realistic system which teaches you how to prevent, avoid, deter, or deal with all kinds of violent threats and attacks, including those with weapons. Krav Maga educates people in the subjects of self defence, self protection, fighting and combat skills, as well as skills to defend others. Krav Maga is taught in a unique and comprehensive manner and was developed in Israel under realistic battle conditions. Diverse Krav Maga Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, or increase your self-confidence, we can assist on your journey. Learning practical self defence skills can help to protect yourself and your family. It remains a priority in an ever-changing world. Whatever your personal goals are, we are here to help you achieve them. Everyone welcome young or old, athletic or out-of-shape; you will immediately feel at home in our club. Classes are friendly and full of excitement. You will have a great laugh and make new friends. Instructors are humble and approachable focused on making you the best you can be. Our goal is to teach you something that you can use immediately to defend yourself, just after ONE class. Family is very important to us, open to mums, dads and children. However if you want to become a Jason Bourne/James Bond type, then attend our advanced classes. It will push your limits. Meet the team, read the testimonials and grab a coffee. We offer a FREE taster class to adults and children (even if you prefer to watch) Stay Safe.. KIDA ! DKM Team
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