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Best Martial Arts in Plano TX

What makes PLANO MARTIAL ARTS unique - better than any other Martial Arts studio around?

  1. ESTABLISHED REPUTATION that can only be acquired by consistent, quality instruction. Most students come to Plano Martial Arts because of positive comments from family and friends.
  2. INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION for the beginning student, which allows anyone to join at any time without waiting for a session to start.
  3.  MORNING & SATURDAY CLASSES. We offer convenient hours Monday through Friday for you to choose from, as well as Saturday mornings.
  4. AN OPEN MIND by having different instructors with different strengths. Many students have come to us from other schools/styles/backgrounds and find a new home at PMA. We value all training as useful.
  5. PROGRAM DIVERSITY by offering a variety of classes. At PMA the serious students can choose from many different styles, all of which are taught as a method of self defense.

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