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Bright Horse Marketing

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Bright Horse Marketing best Marketing in Toronto ON

Brand your business and obtain more customers with us by driving more traffic and retargeting 100% of all visitors to your website.

We offer:

 - Display Campaigns

 - Mobile Campaigns

 - Retargeting Campaigns

We will show ads on millions of desktop viewed websites and mobiles. 

We re-capture 100% of your visitors to your website and re-engage them with new ads.

Our objective is to give you the ability to market to your audience whether it is local or on a global level or both.  We have solutions that will fit your needs.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm

SmartGuy® Reviews

Tracy Shudo


Wow don't know what I would have done if it was not for Janice at Bright Horse. She does not push things on you that you dnt need. She looks at every company individually to see what they need done. So much stuff is being found on social media. If your like me and just don't get "IT" Janice will work with you and help you do what needs to be done. I give her 10 stars not just 5. Thanks Janice.

David Creager


Janice knows the ins and outs of marketing to businesses. Ask a question and she doesn't hesitate to give you an answer on the spot. clear and concise she doesn't waste words. when I am marketing something Janice is the one I call!

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Janice Tomchuk
+1 888-920-0784
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