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Portland Entrepreneur Network is an authorized marketing consultant for several service providers listed below, offering a wide range of services for the business and consumer market. Please check out the websites listed below for more information about each.   




Here is a brief summary of each of the services being offered: is an exclusive business network connecting local businesses to each other providing them with an excellent opportunity to get referrals. SmartGuy also has developed several search optimization strategies enabling businesses to be ranked on the first page of all the major search engines in as little as two weeks.  That will also attract a lot more leads for participating businesses. SmartGuy is free to join as a basic member.



Spoton Merchant Services guarantees to pay your business $1000 if they can’t save you money over your existing credit card processor; plus, they have no contracts.   They also have the most cutting-edge processing hardware and innovative software solutions that work seamlessly together such as their proprietary Online Reputation management solution that’s included for free, Their Intelligent Marketing Management system is also included for free.  Their Customizable HIGH TECH-- HIGH TOUCH loyalty programs, Comprehensive Appointment scheduling system, Smart and easy payroll solution.  Contact information for your Spoton representative is on the website.




Crown-PCS is a new mobile phone provider that offers talk/text & data in all 50 states and shortly in Canada & Mexico.  They can offer the best coverage since they have contracted with all the major carriers and so you will get a better signal, and fewer dropped calls and true 4G that doesn’t drop down to 3G. Customers can also eliminate their bill and earn cash incentives by referring others with no contracts.  You can keep your same number and mobile device. Pricing starts at $25 for basic service (unlimited talk and text with 1 GB data) or $45 for unlimited talk, text, and data.



24/7 Physician On-Call is a Virtual health provider saving businesses and individuals thousands of dollars per year on their health insurance by allowing users to receive unlimited healthcare access to hundreds of licensed healthcare professionals of all types anytime, anywhere in the US by phone or video, along with discounted prescriptions for up to 7 family members per household for only $20 per month with no contracts.



TaxPal is perfect for existing businesses wanting to save additional money on their taxes along with offering this service to their employees as a way for them to save money on their taxes by starting a home-based business.  Tax Pal provides you with an easy to use automated tax recording system combined with all the education you need from the top small business tax experts in the country. TaxPal claims they can save $5,000 or more per year on your taxes by applying their system or your money back. The pricing is only $15 per month or $10 per month if paid annually.



Our Health Matching Account provides you with more freedom and medical purchasing power than any other health savings or medical savings account available. The HMA Medical Benefits Visa Prepaid Card can be used at the point of service at your doctor, pharmacy, or most any of your other medical providers to pay for all of your medical services including your out-of-pocket copay's, coinsurance, deductibles or any other medical services that are not included in your primary health plan.



At Powur, we're empowering our community of homeowners and advisors to thrive in the global shift to sustainable energy Our company specializes in being your Solar Concierge to navigate all your options and help you decide if solar is a good choice for your home.  If it is, we help you choose the best provider in your area and guide you through the process of getting panels for your home. We also provide a great option for entrepreneurs who would like to be a part of our movement - accelerating the adoption of renewable energy across the planet.




Anovite offers nutritional supplements that can change your life.  Are you experiencing STRESS? PAIN? Health issues? According to the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, “90% of health problems can be dealt with at home, bypassing the cost of a visit to the doctor.” 

If you are open to learning a simple easy way to feel better within 24 hours, and substantially improve your health long term, let's have a conversation, because I may be able to provide some valuable information or resources for you.  Check this out if you want to feel better, reduce pain, avoid or reverse disease and live longer.




NuLife Ventures is a research development, marketing and distribution company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to redefine health and longevity.  We achieve this by increasing understanding of the biology that controls lifespan and anti-aging in the human body. We represent best in class products that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives.

Hours of Operation

Please call or text 408-679-3541.  This is my business cell phone which I use primarily for voicemail and text messages so feel free to use it 24/7.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please let me know if you want me to respond with a text message, an email, or a phone call. For a text message or an email please supply the phone number or email address I should use. If you prefer a phone call, please supply the best time of day for me to reach you and the phone number to call.  I will be in touch with you personally as soon as I can.  In addition to leaving your contact information, please let me know what it was that sparked your interest in calling my number. This will be very helpful to me because I am using this number for several different programs. Thank you.

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